Applying for jobs in Norway

Applying for jobs in Norway

Karin Elis

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FREE Norwegian lecture: 9th September at 3 PM:
FULL English course: 22nd and 24th September at 4 PM:
FULL Norwegian course: 15th and 17th September at 4 PM:

Karin Elis is the founder of Ellis Culture and the author of ‘Working with Norwegians’, ‘Applying for jobs in Norway’ and ‘Flerkulturelle arbeidsplasser’:

Her books and seminars will help you crack the hidden codes in the Norwegian job market and workplaces. They provide suggestions on how to deal with the additional challenge of being a foreign job-seeker and/or employee.

Get the insider’s tips from someone with 30 years’ experience from Norwegian workplaces as an employee, leader and recruiter. Use this opportunity to learn what Norwegian employers place an emphasis on, and to ask your questions during the seminar.

This is an interactive session with a 60 minutes extract from the above full course, covering part of the application process, with fewer details.
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16. sep 2020


15.00 - 16.15



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