Black & White: Unfolding history to forge a better one together

Black & White: Unfolding history to forge a better one together

Axel Tcheheumeni Djanni

The House of Literature in Trondheim has invited Axel Tcheheumeni Djanni to talk about the deep roots and layers of racism from the slave trade, colonization, and racial segregation. Axel will speak about the impact this has had on his life as an African, the subliminal and silent perpetration of racism theories in our collective life, and the long-run economic and social impact on black people living in Africa and America.
Axel will also talk about how he believes subliminal racism theories led to the killing of George Floyd, and what actions we can take today to make us enriched by our difference, instead of polarising us, to build a better future together.

We invite the audience to actively participate in this meeting, so feel free to express your feelings.

The meeting will be held in English.

Free entrance. A limited number of free tickets are available here:

Axel Tcheheumeni Djanni was born in Douala, Cameroon (Central Africa). He has a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Axel interests lie in knowledge transfer between the West and the South and on reducing the stigma that the Africans are victims in Europe. In this effort, he co-founded in Trondheim, a Non-Governmental Organization: “Cooking 4 Better World”. This organization aims to bridge the cultural gap between us through cooking of African meals together with the host. He is also working on a book around the topic of the Africanisation of the modern life standard in Africa based on his experience living, studying, and working abroad.


14. sep 2020


19.30 - 21.30


Litteraturhuset, Sellanraa

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