Book launch: The Glass Tree

Book launch: The Glass Tree

Martha Skogen - Gulabuddin Sukhanwar

The Literature for inclusion is delighted to host the book launch, The Glass Tree of Martha Skogen.

When it came time for Martha Skogen to add art to her collection of poems, there was only one option: children. 

In this event, Martha will read and present her poetry, and Gulabuddin Sukhanwar will interview Skogen about her poetry and artwork with the children. 

The Glass Tree contains original poetry for readers of all ages that address many aspects of life, including nature, emotions, and relationships. The artworks were created during a one-day workshop at an international school in Norway. The book is filled with rich visuals by children who interpret Martha’s minimalistic poetry in fascinating, charming and sophisticated ways. Each illustration was drawn specifically for its poem. 

Martha Skogen, is a lifelong poet, artist, designer, and former Associate Professor in Design. Martha has great respect for the innate creativity that everyone possesses, including young children. She enjoys doing workshops with creators of all ages who are interested in the intersection between Literature and the arts. 

The Glass Tree is a celebration of creativity and diversity.

The event is free to participate in and will be live streamed through Litteraturhuset’s Facebook page.

Venue: Sellanraa
Time of event: 19:30-21:00. Doors open at 19.
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24. aug 2022


19.30 - 21.00


Litteraturhuset, Sellanraa

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