AVLYST: Feminist and Queer Solidarities Beyond Borders

AVLYST: Feminist and Queer Solidarities Beyond Borders

Agnes Bolsø - Mia Liinason - Selin Çağatay - Olga Sasunkevich

NTNU Gender HUB welcomes the research project «Spaces of Resistance- A Study of Gender and Sexualities in Times of Transformation» hosted by the University of Gothenburg. This project explores how women and LGBTI people in Turkey, Russia and the Scandinavian countries navigate local, national and transnational relations of power in their everyday lives and in their resistance against different kinds of marginalization, discrimination, threats, violence and oppression. Professor Agnes Bolsø from NTNU will open the event with a talk on «paradoxes of solidarity».


Agnes Bolsø (NTNU)
Mia Liinason (University of Gothenburg)
Selin Çağatay (University of Gothenburg)
Olga Sasunkevich (University of Gothenburg)

Entrance from Trondheim Public Library. Doors open a 17.00.
The event is free of charge.


27. apr 2020


17.30 - 19.00


Trondheim folkebibliotek, Rådhussalen

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