Feminist Writing in Canada: A Guest Lecture by Prof. M. Carrière

Feminist Writing in Canada: A Guest Lecture by Prof. M. Carrière

Marie Carrière

We are delighted to invite you to Prof. Marie Carrière’s guest lecture «Feminist Writing in Canada: Feelings, Poetics, Ethics» on April 10.
Please find the speaker’s abstract and bio below.

When? April 10, 14:30-15:30
Where? Campus Kalvskinnet, Akrinn U201 (second floor) http://bit.ly/2CGy9z8
Free entrance

This paper considers affect as a form of thought, feeling, and thus embodied being in feminist writing. In the first instance, it critically interrogates the “affective turn” and then the “ontological turn” in humanities scholarship, and recalls feminism’s long-standing preoccupation with emotion and lived materiality. In the second and more elaborate sequence, it offers readings of Chinese-Canadian poet Larissa Lai and Cree Métis novelist Tracey Lindberg, considering Lai’s cyborg/posthuman poetics in the collection, Automaton Biographies (2009), and Lindberg’s inscription of Cree epistemologies in the novel Birdie (2015). These writers draw distinct ethical imaginaries, and ultimately, offer an understanding of affect as the very basis for human and non human relationality.

Marie Carrière is Professor of English at the University of Alberta (Canada) with expertise in Canadian literatures in English and in French, and in feminist and literary theory. She is also Director of the Canadian Literature Centre. She has published several books, journal articles, and chapters on Canadian, Indigenous, and Québécoises women writers and feminism. Marie has two single-authored monographs to her name, Writing in the Feminine in French and English Canada: A Question of Ethics (U Toronto P, 2002) and Médée protéiforme (U of Ottawa P, 2012). She is nearing completion of a new book titled, Cautiously Hopeful: Metafeminist Practices in Canada, which examines renewed contemporary interest in intersectionality, affect, materialism, the feminist ethics of care, and both the pitfalls and the potentialities of feminist alliances.

Prof. Carrière’s visit to the Department of Teacher Education is connected to the «TransLit» and the «North American Studies»​ research projects at NTNU, led by Libe García Zarranz and Eir-Anne Edgar respectively. This event is supported by Litteraturhuset’s Literature for inclusion initiative, led by Gulabuddin Sukhanwar.


10. apr 2019


14.30 - 15.30


NTNU Kalvskinnet, Akrinn U201 second floor)

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