Finding Home: Navigating Comfort through Zines

Finding Home: Navigating Comfort through Zines

Minh Pham

“Make yourself at home!” “Make yourself comfortable!” ––These are sentences we often use to invite the guests in our home to feel relaxed. While these expressions are simple, the message they carry are profound. What if we can manifest the feeling of comfort by finding home within ourselves? Would it mean that the process of finding home is identical to the search for comfort?

Finding Home invites you to a night where we’ll navigate home and comfort together. First started in 2019 by Minh Pham, Finding Home is an interactive platform where experiences and ideas about home take place. In our previous workshop sessions, we created, shared and listened to stories about home that are also stories about feelings, identity, language, creativity, culture and belongingness.

In this session, we will practice making ourselves at home through zine-making. A zine is a DIY (“do-it-yourself”) collection of texts, images, and messages. Handwritten/hand-drawn zines that record one’s own personal experiences and observations serve to express one’s identity. By creating a zine of your own, you’ll take a deep dive into yourself and find the answer from within.

Join us and let’s make zines together! No previous experience is required. We have all materials needed for zine-making; all you need to bring along is yourself 🙂

The workshop is led by Minh Pham.

Minh Pham came to Norway from Vietnam at the age of 14. Torn between two cultures, two homes, Minh is deeply interested in matters relating to memory, belongingness, language, home and identity. During her master’s programme in English Literature at NTNU, she is captivated by the healing power of storytelling in nurturing a sense of home and community. Finding Home was thus born out of an ambition to give rise to stories of loss and resilience, so that they can now be heard.

Venue: Litteraturhuset, Kongens gate 2

Free entrance, but there is limited capacity. Get your free ticket here.


10. nov 2021


18.00 - 20.00


Litteraturhuset i Trondheim

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