Flowativity: Art, Language and Creativity

Flowativity: Art, Language and Creativity

Martha Skogen

The Literature for inclusion is excited to organize a mini-festival celebrating the International Day of Mother Language. This mini-festival is devoted to activities in different languages to bring together kids, young adults, families, and communities to celebrate and share their linguistic heritage.

Among many other exciting activities and events, you are welcome to a uniquely creative workshop filled with words, art and the beauty of different mother languages. In this workshop with Martha Skogen, short poems will inspire us as we create hand-made interpretations of them. Think of it as a way to convert the poetry to imagery. This is a fun and fascinating combination of creative worlds where everyone is welcome, from 1 to 101 years old.

We will create poems (or you can bring your own), read them aloud, then draw, paint and/or use cut paper to visualise the poems. We celebrate our mother languages in this workshop, so we can visualise the poems even if we don’t understand every word! This is a safe space of curiosity and discovery—there are no wrong answers.

Flowativity is a new word for an ancient concept: it means the point where flowing inspiration and creativity meet. We will enter this energizing mindset as we put our digital tools aside, and simply create from our own imaginations. It is a wonderful period of calm where we leave stress behind too.

There is no need for prior knowledge or experience. The event is free, and your creations are yours to keep. Materials will be provided, yet feel free to bring any art-making items if you wish. The workshop will be conducted in English and Norwegian, and of course, your mother language.

This workshop celebrates inclusivity and multiculturalism. We invite you and your friends and family of all ages to explore this idea by making art together in a practical, fun and interesting way. Come and enjoy a new type of colourful art-making—inspired by poetry!

The festival is organized by Literature for inclusion (the House of Literature in Trondheim) in collaboration with Trondheim public library. 

Venue: Magistratsalen, Trondheim public library
Time of event: 12:00-13:00. Doors open at 11:30.
Free entrance



18. feb 2023


12.00 - 13.00


Trondheim folkebibliotek, Magistratsalen

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