IN-DEPTH Applying for jobs in Norway

IN-DEPTH Applying for jobs in Norway

Karin Ellis

4 hours course covering the entire job-seeker process:
Part 1: 22nd September at 4 – 6 PM
Part 2: 24th September at 4 – 6 PM
Price for each 2-hour part is kr 249,- and kr 449,- when both parts are purchased together.
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Price for each part (2 hours): NOK 249.
This course will be conducted for a small group and covers the entire job-seeker process from start until you get the job. You will learn what Norwegian employers place an emphasis on and how you can be a more informed, credible and successful job-seeker in Norway. You will also learn about typical mistakes. There will be time for questions and answers
Unique offer: Free support and course package
If you attend both parts you will receive a course package consisting of the presentation shown, electronic samples of application letters, CVs and reference letters in English and Norwegian as well as the jobseeker test to measure your knowledge. You will also get free support after the course where you will get answers your questions related to job-seeking in Norway.
You will learn about NOKUT recognition of your education outside Norway, when you will need it, how to apply and what the benefits are.
Job adverts – where to find them and how to interpret them. You will find out what the benefits are of calling the contact person, how you should start the conversation and what questions to ask to give them a good impression.
Learn how to make ‘Norwegian style’ job application letter and CV, what to focus on, what the content should be, how to tailor them. You will learn how to sell yourself to be credible and create a good impression in Norway. You will also learn all the hidden codes related to having a picture in your CV and how to deal with time gaps in your CV.
Find out what is important regarding references and reference letters. Learn how to write your own reference letter and what content should be.
Here you will learn everything you need for the job interview. How to prepare, how to deal with the lack of Norwegian language skills, what questions to prepare for.
You will get inside information about what Norwegian employers place an emphasis on when selecting their candidates and why it may be harder for you as a foreign job-seeker to get the job. Find out which employers are more likely to recruit non-Norwegians and how you may deal with it.
You will learn about the easiest way into the Norwegian job market, which jobs are easier to get and what to do if you are over-qualified for a job.
You will get a long list of portals relevant to job-seekers in Norway as well as links to personality tests and typical interview questions.


22. sep 2020


16.00 - 18.00



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