ISFiT: The Edges That Blur: Reimagining Multiculturalism Together

ISFiT: The Edges That Blur: Reimagining Multiculturalism Together

France Rose Hartline - Gulabuddin Sukhanwar - Ida Evita de Leon - Leila Rezzouk - Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen - Agata Kochaniewicz - 9 grader nord

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“The Edges That Blur: Reimagining Multiculturalism Together”
On the 17th of February from 12pm to 4pm, ISFiT21 invites you to join in on a day devoted to multiculturalism and its many forms.

We start the day off with explosive and cheerful music played by 9 grader nord, an ethnic progband from Bergen singing (mainly) in Tamil. The group consists of Mira Thiruchelvam, Dipha Thiruchelvam, Jakob Sisselson Hamre and Jakob Sønnesyn. 9 grader nord serves a variety of genres, like baila, flamenco jazz and carnatic music. The band describes their music as energetic, mystical and rhythmic, and classifies it as ethnic prog. Their vision is to expand the listeners’ musical horizon by serving unfamiliar tunes. With their eccentric and distinct style in music, they have amazed and satisfied both their audience and critics across Norway.

Following the concert, Agata Kochaniewicz (PhD Candidate, NTNU) will lead a panel conversation regarding the day’s topic along with insightful voices with multi-faceted experiences. Panelists who will weigh in on the various perspectives of multiculturalism in Norway are Gulabuddin Sukhanwar (The House of Litterature in Trondheim, writer and public speaker originally from Afghanistan), Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen (representative in Sami Parlament and one of first openly gay public Sami figures), Ida Evita de Leon (entrepreneur, consultant and activist, leader of black history month Norway), France Rose Hartline (trans rights activist and researcher) and Leila Rezzouk (founder of papillon Bergen, co-founder of Support, not protect). They will discuss their individual views on the topic, the impact of COVID-19, and give insights into how to support their causes.


17. feb 2021


12.00 - 16.00



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