Free online seminar: Applying for jobs in Norway

Free online seminar: Applying for jobs in Norway

Karin Ellis

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With the corona virus, the unemployment rate in Norway has reached its highest level since the 2nd World War. When the crisis is over, the competition for jobs will be harder than before. If you are not Norwegian, you will be competing with Norwegians who have lost their jobs during the crisis. The corona lock-down should be spent wisely to prepare yourself for a more competitive job market, by learning from, and following, the insider’s tips from someone with several decades of experience as a leader and recruiter in Norwegian workplaces.

Karin Ellis is the founder of Ellis Culture and the author of «Working with Norwegians» and «Applying for jobs in Norway». She will present extracts from her books and share a number of tips that may be useful for non-Norwegian job-seekers and employees.

Karin’s books are written for those who did not grow up in Norway and will help you crack the hidden codes in the Norwegian job market and workplaces. They provide suggestions on how to deal with the additional challenge of being a foreign job-seeker and/or employee. More information on:

Content of this seminar – how to become better prepared for job interviews in Norway:

• Knowing what to expect
• How to sell yourself towards Norwegian employers
• How candidates are selected
• Typical mistakes made by non-Norwegians


31. mar 2020


15.00 - 15.45



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