Children at risk and their encounter with state agencies

Children at risk and their encounter with state agencies

Marit Sanner - Kjell Olav Tømmeraas - Carsten Smith Elgesem - Håvard Nybakk Vang - Thomas Ergo - Marit Ursin - Ida Marie Lyså

The Norwegian Centre of Child Research at NTNU welcomes all interested to the seminar «Challenging Rights – Children ‘at risk’ and their encounter with state agencies».

Children and youth encounter state agencies under diverse circumstances. They might be witnesses in serious offences. They might be victims of serious offences. And they might have committed serious offences. What we know is that young people with disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds are overrepresented within all three categories. We also know that there is often not clear-cut divisions between these categories: Children and youth in one category have a greater chance of experiencing the others as well.

In this seminar, we will listen to the experiences of young people about their encounters with state agencies, and learn about the perspectives, policies and practices of governmental and non-governmental agencies. Presenters include the investigative journalist Thomas Ergo who worked on the series of reportages about the teenage girl «Ida» and her experiences of being in the custody of the Child Welfare Services.

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Photo: Marit Ursin



17. apr 2018


9.00 - 16.00



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