Zimbabwe after Mugabe: A new start?

Zimbabwe after Mugabe: A new start?

Liv Tørres - Luwisa Makosa - Victor Chimhutu

The 26th of January SAIH Trondheim welcomes you to Litteraturhuset i Trondheim, where Liv Tørres (director of the Nobel Peace Center), Luwisa Makosa (activist in YETT and SAIH) and Victor Chimhutu (Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe) will discuss the current political situation in Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe was recently taken out of power after 37 years as president of Zimbabwe, and his former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa has been taken in oath as the new head of state. In the days after the power transition people were celebrating in the streets of the capital Harare, but what does Mugabe’s fall really mean for most people in the country? Does this open up for a more democratic Zimbabwe? What is the situation for civil society organisations in the country, and what role should they play in the times ahead?


P.S. The event will be held in English, free entry!

About the panel:

Liv Tørres is the Executive Director of the Nobels Fredssenter | Nobel Peace Center, and is former Secretary General of the Norwegian People’s Aid. Tørres holds a PhD in political science from the University of Oslo, and she has worked many years on issues such as international labour markets, trade unionism, development policy and democratization.

Luwisa Makosa is a student activist from Zimbabwe, active in the organisation Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT), and currently working in SAIH’s offices in Norway through an exchange program supported by Fredskorpset.

Victor Chimhutu is founder and chairperson of grass root citizen’s movement Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe (Reclaiming Zimbabwe). He is a former student leader and activist in Zimbabwe, now a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Health Promotion and Development, UiB.

Photo by Marco Longari


26. jan 2018


18.00 - 19.30


Litteraturhuset, Sellanraa

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