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Myths of human creation: Woman and the patriarchy
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Myths of human creation: Woman and the patriarchy

The movie ‘Barbie’ (2023) opens with a scene depicting the dawn of history accompanied by the words «Since the beginning of time…». Early creation myths of the Western tradition all touch upon the tensions between men and women, much like in ‘Barbie’.

The Old Testament famously includes two accounts of how humans were created, one in which woman is derived from and thus secondary to man, and another where man and woman were created simultaneously. How does the biblical depiction of Eve compare to the Greek «women’s poet» Hesiod’s depictions of Pandora? And how is all this reworked in the creational myths of the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the single most influential poem on myth from antiquity? And where does ‘Barbie’ fit into all of it? Join us for an exciting debate on these and other issues with our expert panel: professor of religious studies Gabriel Levy; senior lecturer in Classics Aslak Rostad; and professor of Classics at Durham University Ioannis Ziogas.


30. jan 2024


17:00 - 18:00


Kr150 / Kr90


Gabriel Levy - Aslak Rostad - Ioannis Ziogas


Spor Festival for oversatt litteratur og idéhistorie